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Publication year: 2019
400 pages
1. edition

Our Knitted Heritage

Norwegians have always liked Norwegian knitwear featuring traditional patterns. But are these beautiful patterns as entirely Norwegian as we like to believe? Author Annemor Sundbø has undertaken a thorough investigation of where our most familiar and well-loved knitwear patterns come from.

Using her enormous collection of old knitwear as a starting point, the author has unraveled the history of knitting, following the thread all the way back to the very oldest tales. Our knitted heritage is a mixture of cultural history, memories, myths and hypotheses. Annemor Sundbø has 25 years’ experience with recycling wool from knitted rags. With support from modern resources and networks, she explores the various roles the craft of knitting and traditional patterns have played throughout the ages, influenced by superstition, religion, politics, socioeconomics and fashion.

The book provides a perspective on knitted crafts of the past and the heritage that has led to current Norwegian knitwear traditions – which are now a national treasure. The book also contains a knitting guide, with templates and patterns that will enable you to knit beautiful traditional garments with your own twist.

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