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Publication year: 2020
224 pages
1. edition

This Stays Between Us

Felix is seventeen years old and is starting at a new school. There he meets Nicolai and falls in love, head over heels. But how is Felix supposed to know if Nicolai feels the same way?

We follow Felix over a few intense months during which he switches between bliss one moment and crippling uncertainty the next. An exchange of glances that lingers a little too long, a smile in the corridor, an online message – they must mean something, right?

This Stays Between Us is a novel about the first big crush. But it’s also a story about friendship, about coming out of the closet, and about finding your place in life.

Foreign sales:
Denmark, Carlsen



"Difficult to put down."
-Bok 365

“Will young people like the book? Yes. The story is honest, explorative and exciting. Its brief, clean-cut form is also inviting.”

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