Places to Piddle High resolution image
Illustrators: Svein Nyhus
Publication year: 2021
40 pages
1. edition
ISBN/EAN: 9788205505766

Places to Piddle

A book for we who pee.

“I pee!

But do birds pee in the sky?

Do they wee-wee even when we can’t see?  

What about spiders? And flies? 

Or bats and ghosts?

Do they also need to stop and take a leak?

One time I drank a lot of fizzy pop.

It went straight through me.

Pop in, pee out.

It was like magic.”

One of Norway's leading picture-book artists has done it again: got down to knee height to put a human phenomenon under the microscope – a phenomenon that usually fascinates children more than it does adults. In this book, peeing is both magical and mysterious, ordinary and everyday. A beautiful book, rich in detail, to inspire conversation and wonderment in philosophers big and small alike.

Svein Nyhus (born 1962) is one of Norway’s most celebrated authors and illustrators of children's books.


“Strange and wonderful picture book.
A short children’s book about peeing opens up for philosophising about all things great and small. Svein Nyhus’s Places to Piddle is a bounty of words and images. (...) Svein Nyhus’s picture books are magical portals. They play a part in enriching Norwegian children’s literature.” NRK 

“Twinkling tinkling.
The picture book Places to Piddle is all about the joy of mastering and the freedom of learning to pee on your own. Each and every page is sprinkled with gold. (...) The cover illustration, featuring an outline of the pearly gates appearing on the horizon, assumes almost sacred dimensions. At the same time, this heavenly portal resembles a stylised rainbow. In any case, there’s no mistaking the sensation being expressed: the little boy has achieved a state of blissful delight. As a reflection of the mastery of that very moment, the cover works perfectly.”


Denmark, Jensen & Dalgaard