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Publication year: 2019
160 pages
1. edition
Norwegian, bokmål and nynorsk

Freddy drives into the winter darkness and picks up a woman who needs a lift.

Lissi dozes in the front seat as the car and her holiday plans are suddenly turned upside down.

Maria is making her way into the desert, with butterflies in her stomach and a pressing problem.

Tellef has finally got a moped, but still has a long way to go to be accepted by the gang.

Sander loses his sense of reality, and is forced to put his anxiety to the test.

Stine wants to learn how to handle a car – while at the same time handling everything else.

And a girl will travel further than she’s ever gone before.

Everyone will leave something behind them. And they’re all moving towards something new and unknown.

Some of Norway’s most prominent YA authors have contributed to this collection of short stories: Arne Svingen, Linn T. Sunne, Mariangela Di Fiore, Neha Naveen, Erik Eikehaug, Geir Tangen and Anja Dahle Øverbye.


“A short-story collection for young people that would be obvious to make use of at schools. [...] Strong human encounters and relationships are key to several of the stories. Other people are often catalysts for development and inner journeys, and the other way around – development and inner journeys provide the fertile soil for new, unforeseen human encounters – or stronger connections to people who are already in one’s life. This collection does it very nicely.“