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Publication year: 2023
192 pages
1. edition

On One Condition

Winner of the U-prize!

If I tell the truth, then everything is gonna be alright. That’s the condition, right?

“Tell us about what happened at the party yesterday,” the investigator says, and I breathe in, not knowing where to begin, thinking about my mum. Then I finally open my mouth to explain.

Yousef’s life is centred around rules – at home, at school, and among his group of friends. But he’s a constant let-down to his mum, the child protection service has already got a foot in the door, and among his mates, Yousef is well on his way to becoming an outsider.

But Yousef believes he can fix all this. Until a party in Stovner changes everything.

«With the narrator Yousef, whom the story is filtered through, Neda Alaei has written forth a convincing 16-year-old in a tricky situation. [...] On one condition is a story that is realistic, but also hopeful. [...] Neda Alaei has written a kind and sympathetic book, supportive and informative.»

Gerd Elin Sandve, NRK

«Believeable and engaging. [...] Believable insight in the everyday life of a youth who finds life to tough.»

Lena Ramberg-Risvold, Barnebokkritikk