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Publication year: 2022
256 pages
1. edition

The Storm is Coming

Gørja seems to be a completely ordinary place, with a school, a shop and a kiosk. But there are also secrets in Gørja that the adults cannot – or will not – explain. There have been two child disappearances from Gørja, and both times a storm raged through the streets and the forest, and across the lake and the sky. Now a new storm is brewing – and Sam’s family has only just moved here.

A wild, exciting and highly original story from Julia Kahrs.

Winner of the Brage Prize 2022
Winner of the Norwegian Critics’ Prize 2022
Winner of the “Boksluker-prisen” 2022
Nominated for Ark’s Children’s Book Prize 2022

Foreign Sales
Denmark, Straarup & Co.
The Netherlands, útjouwerij DeRyp (Frisian language)
Germany, Oetinger

‘The novel is well composed, the language rushes along, and the whole thing is driven forward by adventures and surprises [...].

What is the novel about? About belonging. Hidden truths. Finding out who you are. Love. All the important things, wrapped up in a wild and sensual package.’
From the jury statement, the Brage Prize


«This family is so strange and different that the novel becomes completely unpredictable and incredibly fun to read. It’s also exciting, since the storm is approaching and some children usually disappear with it. The book is full of absurd situations and laconic comments — this isn’t a book to leave behind half-read at the cabin. A crystal-clear 6 out of 6!»

Kristine Isaksen, VG

«You won’t find a weirder, nastier, more mysterious and engrossing book for a long time! Kahrs is in a class of her own in Norwegian children’s literature, and thank goodness for that. The Storm is Coming is a robust tale about belonging in a dizzying, ever-changing world, and probably the best children’s novel of the year.»

Karen Frøsland Nystøyl, Vårt land

«The Storm is Coming is an extraordinary children’s novel about an extraordinary family. (...) I give it a thumbs-up for the sprawling suspense story that reaches beyond realism into fantasy.»

Anne Cathrine Straume, NRK

«Wildness and mystery from one of our most original children’s novelists.»