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Publication year: 2023
208 pages
1. edition

Jenny Fender

Fun, charming novel from children’s book debutant Heidi Marie Vestrheim.

Jenny and Signe are neighbours, best friends, AND they’re playing a concert together at this year’s summer festival in the village. This is going to be the best summer ever!

But the news arrive with a bang just before the summer holidays start: Signe is moving – far, far away. Jenny is devastated. What’s going to happen with the band and the concert now? And what happened about being the bestest best friends in the whole wide world? Can you really be best friends with someone who lives miles away?

One day, someone moves into Signe’s house! Someone with a rock’n’roll hairdo, tight pants and a drum kit in the basement. Someone who’s irritatingly cool, who makes yummy smoothies and makes Jenny’s head spin. Someone called Sara, who’s moved all the way from Oslo.

This is going to be the worst summer ever…or is it?

Foreign Sales
Denmark, Turbine

«It smells of cotton candy, fabric softener and salty fjords when Heidi Marie Vestrheims makes her novel debut with a charming coming-of-age story from cider county. Jenny Fender is a cheerful, lovely summer novel sharing qualities with the classics.»

Bergens Tidende

«Life falls apart for Jenny Fender in a way we haven’t seen in Norwegian children’s literature since Lena Lid moved away from Trille in Maria Parr’s Waffle heart.»

Bergens Tidende

«This book is perfect for kids between nine and fourteen who are interested in rock music and friendship, and don’t care too much about My Little Pony and scented candles.»

«I think this is the best book I’ve ever read […] I hope there will be more books about Jenny Fender!»

Sigrid, 11 år

«Heidi Marie Vestrheim offers a fully-fledged world with a heroine who will take your breath away. […] Jenny is a firecracker of a kid.»


«There’s potential here for a best seller.»


«...enthralling and charming [...] Noor and the miniature is entertaining and well-written, full of humor and well-paced, and it’s easy to like Noor and Oor.»