Deep Freeze High resolution image
Publication year: 2023
128 pages
1. edition

Deep Freeze

Fifth book in the thrilling Crypto series.

The alarm has sounded in the Arctic. If the Crypto organisation doesn’t get the sea monsters back to safe waters, there’s a big chance that many of them will be discovered. Crypto needs Ophelia’s help. But it isn’t just Ophelia and Bernard following Dalis towards the Arctic. The aquarium boss and World Zoo are also hot on their heels on the lookout for new attractions.

This is going to be a dramatic and icy expedition, one where Ophelia uncovers hints of a new sea monster – and clues about her own family and past.

Foreign Sales:
Denamrk, Gads
Spain, Edebé
Catalonia, Edebé
Sweden, Nypon Vilja
The Netherlands, Die Vier Windstreken

Part of the serie: Crypto

«This is a very good, pleasant and exciting summer mystery with all the classic ingredients — exciting situations on land and under water, modestly scary (kind) monsters, kind but slightly naive adults, and plucky children. Hans Jørgen Sandnes’s images are well drawn with clean lines and details, and are brightly coloured. The dialogue is kept short and the plot easy to follow. A wonderful adventure suitable for pre-teens and slightly younger children. Overall rating 4 out of 5.»

Per Berg, BTJ-häfte nr 16/22