Sverre Mørkhagen

Sverre Mørkhagen (b. 1949) has a candidatus philologicae degree from the University of Oslo. In addition to writing books, his professional background includes journalism, communications consultancy and many years in publishing, both as editor and manager.

He has spent the last years working on a large scale documentation of Norwegian emigration to America. This is the first comprehensive work on the subject to be published for sixty years. The title of the first volume is Farewell Norway. Emigration to America 1825-1975. In 2012 it was followed up by The American Dream. Immigration from Norway 1825-1900. Both volumes have received great reviews.

The third volume of the series is scheduled for release in the fall of 2014. The subject of that volume will be the dream of Norway that the emigrants brought with them and kept alive. The time period covered in this volume is 1900-1975.