Edy Poppy

With two provocative and critically acclaimed books to her name, Edy Poppy has become one of Norway's most exciting young writers.

Edy Poppy (b. 1975), grew up on a farm in Bø, Telemark, Norway. She moved to Montpellier when she was 17, and spent several years in France, then London, where she worked with art, fashion, film and writing. In 2005 she published her first novel Anatomy.Monotony., which was translated into Italian, Finnish, German, Polish and American. It won the contest for best love story by Gyldendal. After seven years in London, Poppy moved to Berlin and later on spent serveral month in Buenos Aires, Lipari, Reykjavik and Rio.

In 2011 she published the short story collection Coming.Apart. Its opening story, "Dungeness" was selected by the American publishing house Dalkey Archive Press (also the publisher of her novel), to be part of their prestigious and widely distributed anthology Best European Fiction 2015. They will also be publishing Poppy's short story collection soon. 

Edy Poppy is now based at Nesodden (outside Oslo), working on several theatre plays and her next novel.

During the launch of her novel Anatomy. Monotony. in the US and the UK, Edy Poppy talked with the American-Norwegian writer Siri Hustvedt about her novel at the Norwegian Consulate in New York.

You can read the conversation on lithub.

Or watch the video on YouTube.

Hustvedt describes Anatomy.Monotony. as "a devilish hybrid. Part autofiction, part literary, cinematic, and musical dance of allusions, and part chronicle of the mute body’s aches and pains and lusts and needs, the novel deftly hits its notes, high and low, to create a symphonic work of tragicomedy".

Furthermore, Poppy's novel Anatomy.Monotony. is being nominated as one of the 75 best translation of world literature in 2018 https://www.worldliteraturetoday.org/blog/news-and-events/world-literature-todays-75-notable-translations-2018-michelle-johnson

Some quotes from reviews of Anatomy.Monotony.:

«Fantastic!» Chris Kraus, author of the cult novel I love Dick

«A fearless novel taking the form of a young writer’s "diary". The sheer guts of this debutant novelist, Edy Poppy, as she enters the public arena with an artist’s pseudonym, a theatrically naked picture on the book’s front cover and a hot title, are set to draw attention.» Verdens Gang

«Edy Poppy is a courageous writer, who dares to transgress the limits most of us set for ourselves. But she does it so playfully and with such elegance that the reader can’t resist coming along to explore forbidden realms. Anatomy. Monotony. has become a cult classic in many circles and I see no reason why “Coming. Apart.” should not have the same impact.» Elle 


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Credits: Julie Pike