Arne Svingen

Arne Svingen is one of our most popular authors and has written over 100 books. His work ranges from children’s books to novels for young people and adults. He has been awarded a number of prizes for his books, including the Brage Prize, the Ministry of Culture’s Literature Prize, ARK’s Children’s Book Prize and the Bookworm Prize. Svingen’s novels have been translated into 25 languages, including Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Korean and English.

Svingen’s novels for children and teenagers are characterised by a combination of humour and seriousness. The author had his international breakthrough with The Ballad of a Broken Nose. In addition to critically acclaimed novels, Svingen is the creator of several popular series, including the horror-themed Svingen’s Dark World, the humorous Svingen’s Mad World, and his books about Hubert. His first stories about the young secret agent Elvin Griff arrived in 2019.

Svingen has spent several years working to boost reading among children and young people, with a special focus on boys’ reading. He has done extensive tours of schools and libraries. Today he is the third most borrowed Norwegian author in libraries nationwide. Svingen is also behind the podcast ‘Svingen’s World of Children’s Books’ in which he interviews other authors and illustrators of books for children and teenagers from Norway.

‘Through his extensive output, Arne Svingen has proved that he can get boys to read and that he has an ability to write with so much energy that he can attract people who don’t necessarily consider themselves bookworms. His language is fertile and intense, often bursting with energy like a fizzing bottle of champagne.’
Vårt Land on All I Owe You is a Beating

‘Svingen has taken home top prizes in his native Norway, and he makes his English-language debut with a novel that addresses difficult subjects with a gentle hand and understated humor … With deftness and subtlety, Svingen shows a boy hanging onto optimism in the face of adversity and asserting his identity when he’s long relied on melting into the background.’
Publishers Weekly on Ballad of a Broken Nose

‘If you want to save the world with children’s literature, you need to write a book that everyone wants to read. Arne Svingen aims both high and wide, and succeeds.’
Dag og Tid on A Sky Full of Clouds

Foreign Sales:

All my Friends are Vampires (2020) 
Denmark, ABC Forlag

In Mid-Air (2018)
Denmark, ABC Forlag
Russia, Albus Korvus

The Revolver Kid 2 (2016)
Denmark, ABC Forlag 

Benny-Bob’s Banana Burger (2015)
Denmark, ABC Forlag 

Making a Run for it (2015)
Denmark, ABC Forlag 

Primitive Possums (2014)
Denmark, ABC Forlag

The Revolver Kid (2014)
Denmark, ABC Forlag

Fly Summer (2013)
Denmark, ABC Forlag

The Ballad of A Broken Nose (2012)
Czech Republic, Albatros Media a,s
Denmark, ABC Forlag
Egypt, Dar Kahn
France, Magnard Jeunesse
Georgia, Sulakauri
Germany, Bastei Lübbe
Hungary, Kolibri Children’s Books
Korea, Arumbook
Russia, Albus Corvus
Slovenia, Zalozba Zala
Spain, Gato Sueco (Spanish and Catalan)
Sweden, Bonnier Carlsen
USA, Simon & Schuster

Some Plan (2011)
Germany, Bastei Lübbe

Svingens’s Dark World-series
Denmark, ABC Forlag

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