Recent sales

Here is a list of some of the latest sales from Gyldendal Agency.

Jan GrueI Live a Life Like Yours to The Netherlands (Uitgeverij Oevers)

Martin ErnstsenHunger to Poland (Marginesy) and Spain (Nordica)

Gunnhild ØyehaugKnots to Spain (Las Afueras/World Spanish and Nits Blanques/Catalan)

Bjørn Andreas Bull-HansenJomsviking to Hungary (Central) and Vinland to Germany (Penguin)

Arne SvingenAll my Friends are Vampires to Denmark (ABC), In Mid-Air to Russia (Albus Corvus) and Primitive Possums to Russia (Poyandria)

Tarjei VesaasSelected Stories to USA (Archipelago Books)

Mari Kanstad Johnsen3 2 1 to Germany (Beltz Verlag) and France (Cambourakis)

Herbjørg WassmoThe Dina TrilogyThe Tora Trilogy and The One Who Sees to Sweden (Historiska Media)

Tarjei Vesaas: The Ice Palace to China (China International Radio Press)

Kaveh Rashidi and Jonas Kinge BerglandYour Fine Behind to Ukraine (Book Club Ukraine)

Johan Harstad: Max, Mischa & Tet Offensive to Croatia (Oceanmore)

Anneli KleppPet Problems to Denmark (Forlaget Gads)

Heidi Linde: The Different Lives of Olivia to Denmark (Turbine)

Mari Kanstad Johnsen3-2-1 to France (Cambourakis)

Kjersti Anfinnsen: The Last Signs of Love to Russia (Polyandria)

Martin Ernstsen and Knut HamsunHunger to France (Actes Sud)

Tarjei Vesaas: Selected Stories to USA (Archipelago Books)

Mari Kanstad Johnsen: 3 2 1 to Korea (Booklight Publishing)

Thor Heyerdahl: Kon-Tiki to Turkey (Alfa Publishing Group)

Per Arne Dahl: The Power of Vulnerability to Denmark (Kristeligt Dagblads Forlag) and Sweden (Libris)

Gunnar StaalesenBig Sister to France (Gaia)

Espen Ytreberg: Amundsen. A Novel to Hungary (Typotex)

Jens Bjørneboe: The Sharks to Croatia (DAF)

Tomas Espedal: Loves to Germany (Matthes & Seitz) and France (Actes Sud)

Tarjei Vesaas: The Birds to France (Ed. Cambourakis) and Germany (Guggolz Verlag)

Bjørk Matheasdatter: To Love and to Be Loved to Japan (Hara Shobo)

Herbjørg Wassmo: Hundred Years to Russia (Ripol) and Armenia (Vogi Nairi)

Kristin Wiola Ødegård: Wiola's Cardigens to USA (Trafalgar Square Books)

Jan Grue: I Live a Life Like Yours to Sweden (Weyler forlag) and USA (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)

Tore SkeieThe Battle of the North to UK (Pushkin Press)

Gunnhild ØyehaugPresent Tense Machine to Sweden (Nirstedt/litteratur) and USA (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)

Neda AlaeiThis Isn't Us to Germany (Thienemann-Esslinger)

Trude MarsteinConscience to Russia (Polyandria)

Bjørk MatheasdatterTo Loved and Be Loved to Japan (Hara Shobo)

Marius Horn Molaug and Kristoffer Kjølberg: The World's Worst School Camp to Denamrk (ABC Forlag)

Frida Farstad Brevik et alKnitting for Children and Babies from Paelas to Denmark (Legind)

Mari Kanstad JohnsenScary Holiday to Korea (Booklight Publishing)

Lene Ask and Mari Kanstad JohnsenD is for Tiger to Korea (Booklight Publishing)

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