Welcome to Gyldendal Agency

Founded in 2005 we are proud to represent more than 200 authors from Gyldendal Norsk Forlag and the Kolon Imprint.


Gyldendal Agency represents foreign rights for Gyldendal Litteratur and the imprint Kolon and Tiden.

Nina Pedersen – nina.pedersen@gyldendal.no - Literary Agent

Anne Cathrine Eng - anne.cathrine.eng@gyldendal.no - Foreign Rights Director

Kirsti Kristoffersen – kirsti.kristoffersen@gyldendal.no – Film&TV rights

For Foreign Rights to Gyldendal Undervisning or Gyldendal Akademisk, please find contact details below.

Gyldendal Akademisk Textbooks and professional literature

Foreign Rights:
Vibeke Høegh-Omdal

Gyldendal Undervisning (Gyldendal Education)
Schoolbooks, textbooks and other educational material

Foreign Rights: 
Vegard Østhagen